The scrotum is a part of the male sex organ that is a skin-covered sac that holds the testicles. The scrotum also contains arteries and veins that provide blood supply to the reproductive glands. When there is an abnormality in the veins of the scrotum it results in a varicocele. These veins are called pampiniform plexus.

Symptoms of Varicocele:

  • Veins of the scrotum are twisted and swollen

  • Scrotal swelling, a bulge of the scrotum, lump on the testicle that is painless.


Home Remedies: In cases when the varicocele is painless, the usage of a jock strap or a tight under wear will suffice. This should relieve pain and discomfort. If this should continue and develop into pain or other symptoms, further treatment may be required.

Surgery: is another alternative treatment for varicocele. This is called varicocelectomy. It’s a very simple process and the person can be discharged on the same day as the surgery. During the surgery, anesthesia is given to numb the area. The urologists make a small cut in the lower abdomen and the abnormal veins are tied off preventing blood flow to the area. An ice pack is then placed on the area for the next 24 hrs after surgery to reduce the swelling.

Varicocele Embolization: This is an alternative to surgery. It can be completed in a day and also doesn’t require hospitalization. The cut is a little smaller than a surgical opening, which helps it to heal faster. The process involves the placement of a catheter tube into the vein through the groin or neck area. The tube is then moved to the varicocele. Next, using x-ray as a guide, a coil is passed through the tube to the varicocele and the blood flow is blocked to the bad vein, redirecting the blood to the other veins. Once the procedure is complete, you will be told to place ice on the area and support it with a scrotal support for a few days.

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