Also known as the Crohn’s Disease or Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), this causes the colon or the large intestine’s internal lining to become inflamed and develop tiny ulcers or sores which produces mucous or pus. This combination of having ulcers and the discomfort therein requires the patient to empty the colon at a greater frequency.

The body’s immune system responding abnormally is usually the cause of this disease. The cells which should be protecting the lining of the colon mistakes food and bacteria present as invasive substances and hence White Blood Cell (WBC) becomes a part of the lining to fight this invasion. This causes inflammation and the resultant ulcers.

Any part of the gastric track can be affected by Crohn’s disease but Ulcerative Colitis affects only the Colon. The symptoms include bloody stools, loose and more urgent bowel movements, abdominal pain and persistent diarrhea.

The treatment options vary from change in the dietary pattern of the patient, medication, surgery to a combination of treatments to combat this complex disease type. It is important to know that the patient’s food habits may have not caused IBD but the varying of the intake of certain foods can reduce the intensity of discomfort. Less spicy or bland foods reduce the intensity of the discomfort to a large extent in several patients. Medication is almost always required. When medication alone is not successful or does not relieve the patient of the complications then the option of surgery may be considered.

A surgery is done after examining the intensity of the disease, age of the patient and the overall health of the patient. The entire colon and rectum maybe removed with an external stoma attached to the patient to collect the waste. Although new surgical techniques could be used to create an internal pouch which is attached to the small bowel connecting to the anal sphincter muscle. A combination therapy could be used to increase the effectiveness of the initially suggested treatment. This is where an additional line of treatment helps the patient’s discomfort be reduced to the maximum possible extent.

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