The condition when the spine curves to the side are called scoliosis. It can affect any region of the spine, but is mostly seen in the chest (thoracicscoliosis) and the lower back (lumbarscoliosis) area.


Scoliosis is usually caused when the nerves and muscles get affected. One condition called cerebral palsy is caused shortly after birth where the brain and the nerves are affected. Besides this, there is also muscular dystrophy that is caused by a genetic condition which causes muscle weakness.


One common symptom is the abdominal curve of the spine. This starts off very mild and is rarely noticed by anyone, but family or friends. It seems to be more obvious with time, and when you notice that your clothes don’t fit or your pants are longer on one side when compared to the other.

Another symptom would be, the head appearing to slant to one side while the hip and the shoulder to the opposite side. In certain cases, there is a more obvious curve near the rib cage that results from the twisting of the vertebrae and the ribs. If the condition turns out to be severe, the lungs and the heart might have problems working properly causing chest pain and breathing problems. There are even certain cases where there’s no pain and certain conditions that may result in back pain, abdominal pain, rib pain, muscle pains, neck pain and muscle spasms.


Depending on the severity of the situation, treatment can be non-surgical or surgical.

Degenerative Scoliosis: In cases of degenerative scoliosis there’s no need for surgery. The treatment would be only to solve the problems related to reducing pain and correct the spinal curve. As the curve is not going to progress and isn’t the reason for the pain right now, there’s no reason for surgery. Medications given are similar to the ones given for osteoarthritis of the spine. Pain relievers such as NSAID are also used. Epidural injections are also given in the spine to cause a numbing effect and as it acts as an anti-inflammatory to treat inflammation in the back.

Chiropractic aid can also assist in the movement of the facet joints to reduce the pain.

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