Rectal problems in women

Almost every person faces rectal problems during his her life. This is a common disease. It starts with pain, bleeding and itching in the rectal areas. When it worse the patient needs to visit the doctor.

Levator syndrome is mostly seen in women. It is a rectal pain followed by contraction to the muscles of the pelvic area. The doctor must know the reasons of this disease which is causing the expansion of that area. The infection can be caused due to Herpes virus. The treatment includes heat application and gentle rubbing.


Pruritus or itching of rectal areas is not dangerous. In the starting the anal skin becomes red. Scratching makes the skin thick and white. Some of the reasons of pruritus are: Improper cleaning of anal area. Irritation and itching can cause due to the stool particles which get stuck in the skin of the anal area.

The other reasons are the usage of antibiotics which cause diarrhoea or constipation and cleaning the anal skin with very hot water and strong skin bleaching soaps. The anal skin is oily and it keeps you protected from the stool passing irritations. When you continuous clean this area the natural oil will be removed and that can cause you itching and discomfort in your anal skin.

Scented toilet papers, soaps and ointments cause irritation and itching to the anal skin. The people who are older are prone to this disease. Viruses, bacteria, pinworms, fungus and yeast are the cause for rectum or anus infection. Main reason of anus discomfort in children is pinworms.


Mostly constipation and diarrhoea causes itching and discomfort in the anal area. When itching and irritation don’t stop the anal area becomes painful. Some other reasons of rectal pain are haemorrhoids, piles, anal diseases like crack in the anus canal and fistula expansion. The infections which cause rectal pain are infections due to physical intimacy, anal sex, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, cancer of rectum and jaundice etc. Sometimes it can cause due to surgery also.

One of the other reasons of rectal pain is the pain in the tail bone. It can occur due to the arthritis or may be due to child birth. It can also occur due to stool passing.


Rectal bleeding can be occurred due to diarrhoea, constipation, haemorrhoids and anal fissures. These can cause small amount of blood during bowel movements. These types of bleeding can cause pain in the anal area. It is not dangerous if the blood amount is less.

Any areas of your digestive tract can bleed. When the blood comes through digestive tract it doesn’t look like normal blood. The blood which is close to the rectum are looks red in colour.


You should avoid scented soaps and toilet rolls. These are the causes of pruritus. Use water to wash your anal area after bowel movements. Don’t rub or pinch that area. Use powder to keep that area dry and clean. Avoid all the spicy foods and junk foods like coffee and alcohol.

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