Pruritus Ani

Pruritus Ani is also called anusitis. It is a condition where the patient faces itches around the anus area. You will always feel to scrape the anus area. Sometimes it is impossible to control. The itchiness can start anytime.


Mostly it occurs when you pass your stool especially at night before going to sleep. It becomes intolerant when it comes in contact with heat or wool. Sometimes it becomes itchy due to moisture around the anus area. It may happen due to body sweat or may be due to not proper drying of that area after bowel movement. Urine leakage can also create this. Improper hygiene while using toilet can cause this disease. When you do not clean that area and stool sticks to the anus area makes the skin of that area untidy. That makes the area thick and itchy.

A skin infection develops in that area due to prolonged irritation and itchiness. Sometimes it is beyond control and becomes a matter of embarrassment. You won’t be able to sleep properly due to itching. You will never be in a good mood due to the continuous thinking of the skin.

Sometimes the skin conditions cause itch and irritation around anus. These conditions include Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin allergies. Some of the other causes of developing this disease are:

1. Continuous cleaning of anus area

2. Sweat development around anus

3. Excessive hair around anus

4. Improper cleanliness makes that area moist

5. People who sit for a long time

6. Toilet soaps and papers can also cause irritation and itching


Prevention is always better than cure. To reduce the itchiness and irritation around your anus you need to keep your anus area dry. You can use simple talcum powder to keep anus area dry and clean. You can also put some cotton to keep that area away from moisture.

You should wear cotton inner wear especially for that area. You need to avoid sitting for long time. Maintain the basic hygiene like clean that area after passing stool.

You must avoid strong and perfumed soaps. You must try not to scrape that are with nails. Your fingernails should be short to prevent scratching at night. Wear gloves while sleeping.

The doctor diagnoses the problem when it is more than an infection. He checks your diet, life style etc. If the doctor doesn’t find anything like that then he checks with an anoscope inserting into the anus to identify the exact reason of the disease.

Then he will prescribe some ointments to get rid of itches. A soothing steroid cream will work for you but you must not use it more than 2 weeks. The doctor can also give zinc oxide creams to reduce the itch. If the itch doesn’t stop after using this cream you need to consult the physician again. Your physician may give you methylene blue injections near to your anus area. If the irritation is simple it will go away quickly else it will take a month’s time to cure permanently.

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