Problems in Swallowing

Dysphagia is a condition when you are not able to easily swallow any food. It is a problem of your throat. There is a small pipe that helps to pass the fluids and food items to stomach through your mouth. Anyone can suffer from this disease. Mostly the older people and kids whose nervous systems do not work properly are the ones who suffer from this disease.

There are many factors which disturb our throat and it stops working in a proper way. Some of the causes are negligible and some are dangerous. If you are not able to swallow twice or thrice then it may not be a serious issue but if the swallowing problem persists for long then it is a matter of concern and it should be treated immediately.

Causes of dysphagia:

The muscles of our throat and oesophagus help to move the food from our mouth to stomach without any difficulties. But sometimes it is not easy to swallow food and fluids easily. The causes of this are as below:

It can happen when your nervous system is not working properly.

A recent brain surgery or heart attack can be the cause of this.

You may be suffering from immune system disorder.

When a condition called oesophageal spasm occurs. It makes your oesophageal muscles get squeezed and prevent from reaching the food to our stomach.

It can also happen when a condition named Scleroderma occurs. It makes the oesophageal tissues weak and hard.


Swallowing disorder can be very worse or slight. But there are symptoms to check this disease. Some of the symptoms are:

You will not be able to swallow food easily.

You will feel pain while swallowing food.

While taking the food down through your throat you may feel choked or cough.

You may feel that all the food stuff is stuck in your throat area.

It may be possible that the fluids or food may come out from your mouth through nose while you are trying to swallow.

You may feel a force in your chest

You may certainly loose an extra amount of food due to not getting enough diet. Diagnosis

Your doctor will check the reasons of not swallowing the food easily. He will check your muscle movements, body reflex and communication. He may then send you to an otolaryngologist (a doctor who gives treatment for ear, nose and throat). He may also send you to a gastroenterologist (a doctor who gives treatment for digestive part of your body), a neurologist (a doctor who gives treatment for nervous system, brain and spinal cord) or a speech-language (a doctor who gives treatment for speech, communication, swallowing, and voice problems). Your doctor may ask you for x-rays to know the condition of the throat and oesophagus. Some of the tests he may perform are Fluroscopy which allows videotaping of your swallowing, Laryngoscopy to check the back side of the throat through fibre optic way etc.


The treatment will totally depend upon the conditions and causes of the disease. The treatments are as follows:

You have to go for throat muscle exercises to help you swallowing easily. You may have to change your eating habits. You may get helped through dilation by placing a device inside your throat to open up the areas. If these things do not help then you may get a surgery done to remove the blockage from your throat.

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