Pneumothorax is a term used when there is a collection of free air in the chest cavity. It can occur on its own in the absence of an underlying disease (called spontaneous pneumothorax) or can occur due to accidental injury or an underlying lung disease.


1.Chest Injury

2.Lung Disease

3.Ruptured Air Blisters

4.Mechanical Ventilation


Sudden chest pain and shortness of breath; though there are various diseases that present the same symptoms, pneumothorax can be life-threatening. If the condition seems to increase and breathing becomes more and more difficult, seek emergency care.


  1. Observation: In minor cases, the patient is put under observation. Only if a small part of your lung is collapsed you are hospitalized for a week or two and kept under observation. Regular x-rays will give you an idea of your improvement if the excess air has been absorbed and the lung completely re-expanded.

  2. Needle Insertion into Chest Tube: A hollow needle is inserted into the collapsed lung between the ribs and the excess air is sucked out using a syringe.

  3. Surgery: If the chest tube doesn’t resolve the issue, surgery is recommended to close an air leak. The surgery is very small and can be completed with a small insertion using a fiber-optic camera and long-handled surgical tools.

  4. In certain situations a specific chemical is used to irritate the tissues around the lung, making the tissues stick together closing the bleb. Very rarely do surgeons need to make big insertions rectify the issue.

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