Volvulus is a condition seen equally in both girls and boys. The condition occurs after birth when there’s a malrotation of the intestines. The symptoms are seen in the first month of birth in the case of boys. When the intestine gets twisted, it is blocked and digestion of food becomes an issue.


The intestines don’t properly turn when they move into the abdomen, a malrotation occurs causing a volvulus. This results in cramping and pain. The obstruction that results is a life threatening issue.


  • Swollen abdomen

  • Drawing up the legs

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Failure to thrive

  • Abdominal pain

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Bloody stools

  • Rectal bleeding

  • Vomiting bile (green digestive fluid)

  • Rapid breathing


Medical care in the case of Volvulus is related to stabilizing the patient. When detected, immediate medical and surgical attention should be sort. No food is to be given by the mouth. An orgo-gastric tube is to be put into place to provide low suction procedures on and off. The fluid and electrolyte deficits are corrected intermittently. The physiologic salt solution is given intravenously to bring back the person to normal. If the patient is showing signs of shock, fluids, blood, vasopressor medications (to improve hypotension) drugs such as Dopamine is administered to increase the blood pressure.

Surgical care is followed once the patient is stabilized.

Surgical Procedures are:

1.Appendectomy: An appendectomy also called as appendicectomy or appendicectomy is the removal of the vermiform appendix surgically. It can be performed as an open surgery or laparoscopically to reduce the risks related to invasive surgery.

2.Laparoscopy: Surgery is done laparoscopically to reset the malrotation of the intestine. Open surgery is thought to create adhesions, thereby reducing the risk of recurrent volvulus.

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