A lung tumor or a nodule is a spot seen on the lung in an x-ray or a CT scan. A nodule can be seen in one of every 500 x-ray reports. Around this nodule, normal tissue grows around the small round or oval overgrowth. They can be seen as single nodules. Sometimes there are even occurrences of multiple nodules. The chances of the nodule or tumor being cancerous are less unless you are:

  • A smoker

  • Over the age of 40

  • There is no calcium in the nodule

  • The nodule is big

It is important to visit the doctor and find out if the nodule is cancerous or not. A consultation can increase your chances of survival.


Non-cancerous tumors are usually symptomless and are accidently discovered in a chest x-ray or CT scan. However, there are a few symptoms that can be noticed in certain cases.

1.Shortness of Breath

2.Coughing extensively/ coughing up blood


4.Fever with Pneumonia


Treatment of lung cancer can depend on various factors. Your doctor plans your treatment after looking through a few factors such as

1.Your present health condition

2.Type of lung cancer you have

3.Location of the tumor in the lung

4.Results from your tests and scans

5.Stage or spread of the cancer

6.Your view on the disease

Treatment varies from patient to patient, so don’t compare your treatment schedule with other patients. The stage of the disease and preferences on patients may vary. You can always ask your doctor on questions that you have. The general treatment in cases of tumors is radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Each treatment procedures can be used separately or in combination. Some cases are also given biological therapy in the case of non-small cell lung cancer.

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