An Imperforated anus is a birth defect seen in babies which happen when the baby is still growing. It is seen in 1 out of 5000 babies and more common in boys than in girls. This condition is where the anus is not properly developed. The bladder, rectum and the vagina of the female baby are seen it have one large opening called the cloaca.

Cause: Unknown birth defect


The signs are quite obvious after birth.

    1. Anal opening found in the wrong place

    2. Anal opening near the vagina

    3. Stool doesn’t pass in the first 28-48 hrs of life

    4. Stool exiting the body from the wrong place eg: penis, vagina, urethra, scrotum

    5. a swollen abdomen

    6. Abnormal connection between, urinary tract, reproductive organs, and the rectum of the baby (Fistula)


Treatment is decided after considering findings through physical examination, image studies (CT scan/x-rays), and basic observation. Depending on the same, it would be decided if the child should have primary repair, colostomy, and definitive repair in a staged fashion.

Surgical Procedures:

    1. Neonatal Colostomy: A stoma is formed on the anterior abdominal wall by pulling a healthy end of the large intestine through an insertion in the wall. This is ten sutured Into position and the opening is attached to a stoma appliance to create a channel to release feces from the body.

    2. Primary neonatal pull-through in the absence of colostomy: the procedure is done in cases of a dilated colon, and the colostomy is put in place after the baby recovers. The pull-through is generally performed four to six months after colostomy placement.

    3. Posterior sagittal pull-through with colostomy: Posterior sagittal anorectoplasty is used to treat anorectal malformations. The surgery helps to create a functional anus and a rectum.

    4. Colostomy closure: It is done 3-4 months after the main surgery is completed.

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