Hirschsprung disease is a condition caused by the block in the large intestine. This is an effect of reduced muscle movements in the bowel. The defect is seen at birth and hence congenital.


Hirschsprung disease comes about when the nerve cells in the colon are not completely formed. Since it’s the nerves in the colon that controls the muscle contraction, when they don’t work, the food stays in the large intestine.


  1. Newborns with Hirschsprung disease have the following symptoms:

  2. Bloated belly

  3. Inability to pass a motion with 24-48 hrs from being born

  4. Vomiting, with discolouration of green or brown

  5. explosive stools after a doctor inserts a finger into the rectum

  6. Diarrhea

Symptoms in Symptoms in Toddlers and Older Children:

    1. Swollen stomachs

    2. Blood in the stool

    3. Gas accumulation

    4. Slow growth

    5. Anaemia


Surgery is the best treatment. It is resolved by tracking the malfunctioning nerves in the colon and removing that part of the colon and reconnecting the other segments of the colon. This is called pull-through procedure.

Ostomy procedures include:

    Ileostomy: Where the doctor removes the entire large intestine and connects the small intestine to the stoma. The stool that passes through the stoma is collected into the bag.

    Colostomy: The surgeon leaves a portion of the colon in place and connects it to the stoma. The stool passes through the large intestine.

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