Gallstone pancreatitis is nothing but inflammation of pancreas resulting due to the blockage of pancreas duct by a gallstone. This causes at a stage of the sphincter of Oddi which is round muscle located at the entrance of the bile duct leading to the small intestine. This inflammation occurs when a stone from the gallbladder travels down the common bile duct and get stuck at the sphincter, blocking the outflow of all material from liver to pancreas. Gallstone Pancreatitis is a dangerous disease which should be treated immediately.

Symptoms of Gallstone Pancreatitis

Most people who are suffering from pancreatitis will experience pain in the upper abdomen which is termed as a primary symptom. Some types of pancreatitis will show inflammations and some will show the following symptoms.

  • Nausea.

  • Vomiting sensation.

  • Weight loss.

  • Hiccups.

  • Bloating with a swollen stomach.

  • Indigestion.

  • Tenderness of abdomen.

  • Pain in the upper part of the body, involving the back as band pattern.

Diagnosis of Gallstone Pancreatitis

Gallstone Pancreatitis can be diagnosed easily by conducting blood test which helps to detect the inflammation of the pancreas. Abdominal CAT scan is the best method to diagnose the inflammation of pancreas. It also determines the severity of the disease. Ultrasound and CT scans are some other tests which help to diagnose the status of Gallstone Pancreatitis.

Treatment for Gallstone Pancreatitis

Gallstone Pancreatitis is well treated by avoiding the intake of solids and liquids till the inflammation collapses. If Gallstone Pancreatitis is at initial stage, intravenous delivery of fluids takes place and the inflammation is said to be modest and the symptoms can be resolved in few days. Regular fever and persistent pain state there is ongoing inflammation taking place inside the pancreas. At this stage, intravenous delivery of nutrients should be started if oral intake is not resumed soon. There are some pain therapies administrated by intravenous till oral therapy and intake of food resumes. Other than these, surgery and endoscopy are some other treatment options suggested for Gallstone Pancreatitis. There are some particular antibiotics which are used to prevent further infection of inflammation.

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