Bronchogenic Cyst is a type of bronchopulmonary foregut malformation that occurs congenitally. They are seen in the mid-portion of the chest and enlarge to cause compressions in the chest. It is one of the most common foregut duplication cysts.


It is seen to form during the 16th week of pregnancy and develops into an abnormal budding of the tracheal diverticulum. (Breathing Passage).


1.With the introduction of technology in antenatal diagnosis, infants are easily diagnosed with the disease even before the symptoms occur.

2.Loss of appetite and chest pain are two common symptoms

3.Frequent infections

4.Discomfort due to airway or esophageal compression

5.Pneumonia, pneumothorax, tracheal compression, pleurisy, and super vena cava syndrome (in adults)

6.Intra-abdominal cysts may be seen, but do not show symptoms even when present infection, hemorrhage, infection, and compression of adjacent structures rarely may be noticed.

7.Some of the general symptoms are weight loss, anorexia, and fever;

8.Respiratory symptoms are seen as hemoptysis, chest pain, cough, and dyspnea

9.Back pain



Bronchogenic cysts are treated to its best through surgical procedures. On resolving the associating symptoms related to the condition, the patient is prepared for surgery.


1.Surgical resection of the bronchogenic cysts that are symptomatic

2.At the age of 3-6 months, surgical procedures are performed on infants to help the lung grow.

3.Thoracoscopic resection is helpful to reduce the pain and reduce the chances of rib fusion.

4.Mediastinal, transparietal, or transbronchial puncture and aspiration may be performed in patients who are symptomatic and complete resection is not the idea.

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