What is Abdominal Pain Syndrome?

Generally, people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders will depict a variety of symptoms ranging from low pain constipation or diarrhea to high pain diarrhea leading to pain in the abdomen. Other than these, there is one more rare condition which is termed as a chronic condition of abdominal pain. Though most of the abdominal pains are caused due to changes in bowel pattern, this particular abdominal pain is independent of bowel pattern changes. This particular condition in medical terminology is treated as Abdominal Pain Syndrome.

Abdominal Pain Syndrome is a functional gastrointestinal disorder and the pain caused by this disorder cannot be determined using abnormal x-rays or by any other laboratory findings. It mainly causes due to altered sensitivity to nerve impulses in the brain and gut. It is not related to altered motility that takes place in intestines.

Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain Syndrome

In general, abdominal pain syndrome can be diagnosed based on some symptoms like fever, tender abdomen, vomiting sensation, dehydration signs, headache, and lack of appetite, gagging, dizziness, motion sickness and severe pain in the abdomen. By discussing any of these symptoms with the concerned doctor and by physical examination, it can be diagnosed. Even after all these, if it is not got confirmed then the doctor may some other diagnostic tests which include a blood test, stool sample test, urine test, endoscopy and abnormal x-rays.

Treatment for Abdominal Pain Syndrome

The main aim of the abdominal pain syndrome treatment is to focus on reduction of symptom severity. This is possible by detecting the main causes for the disease. Based on the severity of the disease, there are different types of treatment suggested by doctors which include psychological treatments ranging from hypnosis to cognitive-behavioral therapy, some relaxation techniques. This can also be treated by certain types of medications which include low-dose antidepressants and antibiotics. These are more helpful to get relieved from the pain.

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